New Paintings in Progress

floral painting_1

I'm not quite as prolific as I used to be when it comes to creating paintings, life happens and somethings get placed on the back burner. But I have realized that I need to paint, so I am scheduling the time and making painting a priority again. I'm making a conscious effort to give myself the time to create, I know it is vital to keeping all of my creative work (my graphic design, pattern making, product making) fresh, vibrant, inventive and fun. It also gives me the chance to work out my personal thoughts and frustrations. I forgot how important it is for me to work out my ideas in this way. It's like I found my forgotten voice.

Here are some images of a medium-ish scale series, 6 paintings in progress, inspired by gorgeous spring bouquets and playing with ideas around aesthetic perception. 

floral painting_2
6_23_painting progress_6.jpg
floral painting_4
6_23_painting progress_5.jpg
floral painting_3